Lily Allen, Like Rihanna, Wants You to Shush

Lily Allen, she of the third nipple, is showing off a new tattoo that she received. A strangely familiar tattoo up her index finger that says “shhh.”

Cute! So when she shushes you, there’s some extra emphasis!

It would be quite original if recently embattled singer Rihanna didn’t already have it.

That’s not like Lily, 23. She’s known for her unique style and free-thinking (especially when it comes to drugs. Like Ecstasy. And cocaine.).

Perhaps her companion last night, the famished-looking Lindsay Lohan, had something to do with it.

Extra reports that Lily and Lindsay were out partying at the Chateau Marmont hotel and being squired around the city in a chauffeur-driven black Bentley.

And yes, they were also seen at LA’s Shamrock Tattoo at around 2 AM after having left the hotel.

This jacking of Rihanna’s tattoo swagger is all Lohan’s fault!

She probably said “no, you totally should! It’s soooo cute!” to an inebriated Lily!