Miley Cyrus Gets the Rite Stuff. Again.

Miley Cyrus is a busy gal.

The 16-year-old singer/actress’s blockbuster-to-be, Hannah Montana: The Movie, hits screens on April 10. She has a potential White House visit to sort out. And then there’s the Twitter hackers she has to contend with.

So one would think that she’d use her time more wisely. Cyrus was spotted in Toluca Lake, California, yesterday, emerging from her Pilates class to hit up the local Rite-Aid drug store.

The very same drug store that she was seen at just the day before.

Everyone knows your life is hectic, Miley, but you should really start putting together a list before you go shopping.

It’ll eliminate the need for multiple trips to the same store and free up your schedule for more important tasks. Like putting out the public-relations fires created by your photographic indiscretions.