Morning Frills #158: Carla Gugino Edition

Carla Gugino, who plays Sally Jupiter (superhero name: Silk Spectre) in the upcoming comic-book adaptation Watchmen, graces the latest issue of Details magazine with a sizzling pictorial.

Gugino, who also plays take-no-prisoners Hollywood agent Amanda Daniels on the hit HBO series Entourage, reveals more than a scintillating amount of flesh in the issue. The 37-year-old also the private agony that she’s been living with since she entered show biz: That people tend to mangle her surname.

“I think that perhaps I should do a campaign for the pronunciation of my name,” Gugino (pronounced “Goo-JEAN-o”) offers. “Remember how with Demi Moore, people thought she was Demmi, and then all of a sudden everyone understood: Demi.”

Gugino shouldn’t get too torn up about the whole name thing; after all, who wouldn’t get a little tongue-tied when looking at her?

Take a look at our gallery of sexy Carla Gugino photos and see if you don’t turn mush-mouthed yourself.