Victoria Prince Is a Snappy Dresser

Victoria Prince is a woman of mystery.

The biggest question surrounding her, of course, is why the 26-year-old volleyball player is dating Britney Spears’ ex Kevin Federline.

But the above photo, from the web site The Dirty depicting a woman alleged to be Prince in a particularly candid moment, raises a few questions:

Why is she kneeling at the bottom of a flight of stairs in that outfit? Has she found a happy religion?

And why is she having so much trouble removing her shirt?

The world may never know. But it sure is fun to stare at the photo and consider the possibilities.

We showed the photo to a Federline source who concurred “that’s so her!” but gave no other clues what was going on.

If this really is Victoria Prince, she sure is looking a lot better than the last time she was spotted, carting Federline’s toddler Jayden James around in her arms. Kids may be cute, but they’re not the sexiest accessory going.