Clay Aiken Explains Record Label Split

Clay Aiken Explains Record Label Split-photo

UPDATE: People magazine reports that Aiken's split with RCA was due to a breakdown in contract negotiations.

"We were unable to come to terms in a recent contract negotiation, and decided that it was best to move on," Aiken's rep, Cindi Berger, tells the magazine.

Claymates, man your battle stations! Sources say that red-headed singer and gay dad Clay Aiken, 30, has parted ways with his record label RCA.

Billboard magazine reports that the split occurred a couple of months ago, though news of the split first broke wide when MTV reported that no mention of the "Invisible" singer was made in recent Grammy press materials sent out by the label, and he had been erased from their Web site.

Reps for the label and for Aiken are remaining mum.

Aiken's last album, On My Way Here, was released in May 2008 and has sold just 159,000 copies, compared to the 2.78 million units sold of his 2003 debut, Measure of a Man.

Aiken made headlines last September when he finally ended years of speculation and came out of the closet.

He is father to one child, Parker Foster, 7 months, that he conceived with best friend and producer Jaymes Foster.

Potentially sad for Aiken, but he always has a career on Broadway to fall back on.



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  • Della

    LMAO!! Clay dropped like a hot potato!! Damn! Have you ever seen or more ugly man? Ugly man singing elevator music. Yeah a real hot commodity


    It's RCA's loss, not Clay's. RCA never really promoted him and he didn't get radio play. It's the job of the label to get that radio play. I had a DJ actually tell me that she was not allowed to play his new single last summer! His last album did debut at #4. Not bad when you consider the lack of promotion and the fact that the album cannot be found in stores. Clay is a strong and talented man and he will be just fine. His career is just getting started.

  • Diandra

    The Clay message boards were actually celebrating last night with the news that Clay is finally free of RCA! They squandered the gem they had and used the money he made them to fund other projects instead of promoting Clay like they should have. It's no secret that Clive and Clay had creative differences all along. This can only mean good things for Clay's career--I wish him the best.

  • Jennifer

    Well, I'm a huge fan, and I don't feel that bad, either. Clay and RCA were a bad mix. RCA never appreciated him or marketed him properly. He's better off without them.

  • fl2ca1978

    AWWW...I don't feel that bad!