Jesus Luz: Madonna’s Oscar-Night Trophy Boyfriend

Steroid lover Alex Rodriguez would appear to be permanently off Madonna’s menu. Sources say The Madgestic One, 50, plans to formerly introduce 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz to the world as her consort at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on Sunday night.

OK! Magazine reports that Madonna and her savior are even coordinating their outfits for the big night.

“Madonna and Jesus have spent all week planning their outfits for Oscar night,” a source says. “Madonna is planning on using the Vanity Fair party to introduce Jesus to the world as her new boyfriend, and she wants everything to be perfect!”

Madonna seems determined to make sure everyone knows that her and Jesus are the real deal. The two have been seen dining out together several times in NYC in the past couple of weeks, and even attended the same Kabbalah ceremony recently, though they arrived separately.

“She’ll put to rest any rumor that Jesus was ‘just a model’ during that racy W photo-shoot,” the source adds. “Madonna and Jesus’ romance is real.”

Madonna’s performances in the past have often had religious overtones, so she’s got to be thrilled that she’s actually dating Jesus now.

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