Lohan’s Watch Shopping Could Go to End of Time

You would think with a $53,000 watch shopping spree on Wednesday that Lindsay Lohan would be all set in the timepiece department.

Not so fast. Samantha Ronson is looking for a one-year-anniversary present for Lohan. And what that might be? A cool t-shirt with a message for the paps? A gift certificate at Applebee’s? Earrings?

Nope. It’s a watch.

The time-anic duo visited Philippe’s Watches & Jewelry in Beverly Hill for even more watch shopping yesterday, the owner Philippe Briest tells Celebuzz.

“Samantha wanted to buy Lindsay a present for their one-year anniversary on Feb. 28,” says Briest. “Samantha wanted Lindsay’s advice on the present.”

No purchase was made, but the top contender: a Cartier watch with diamonds that would go for $25,000. “I think they are going to come back,” says Briest

There were no signs of any unhappiness between the two who were reportedly spatting over Valentine’s weekend. “We were all laughing so hard,” says Briest. “Sam was rubbing her back at times. It was a very sweet scene.”


Let us know if you have any advice for Samantha for their anniversary.