Not Everyone Wild About Kardashian Monkey Adoption

Not Everyone Wild About Kardashian Monkey Adoption-photo

While the world oohs and ahhs about the latest adorable addition to the Kardashian family, three-year-old chimpanzee Suzy, there is great unease in some quarters.

Primate experts have long expressed dismay about the celebrity trend of chimpanzee ownership.

A recent gruesome attack by a 14-year-old chimp named Travis highlighted that this kind of animal ownership can be a ticking time bomb. The previously adorable chimp—who used a home computer and starred in a commercial with Morgan Fairchild—savaged a house visitor in an out-of-the-blue attack.

Travis was shot dead, the victim remains in critical condition.

"Chimpanzees are wild animals and they are not meant to be pets," Jason Jacobs, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Zoo, tells Celebuzz. "They are potentially dangerous as you can see from events last week."

When looking at the pictures of the beaming Suzy, Jacobs was repulsed. "This kind of thing turns my stomach."

"At the zoo, we handle chimpanzees as potentially dangerous animals much as we would handle a big cat, or a bear," Jacobs said.

"It's not hands on, it's hands off. We take many safety precautions you could never do at a home."

Use our photo zoom-in feature to check out Suzy up close.



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  • stacey

    to get the whole story corrected they didnt buy the CHIMP they rented her and she back with the company!! so get over it!!

  • Dusty

    I am disappointed, they need to get that baby Chimp back to her own kind. There are several respectable sanctuaries for misplaced chimpanzees. This would be the kindest thing they could do for the chimpanzee named Suzy

  • stilldreaming

    PS: I did not post in capital letters.

  • stilldreaming

    celebuzz -- Chimps are APES, not a monkey. Calling a chimp, a monkey, is the same as calling a human, a chimp -- inaccurate. Keeping wildlife in California requires permits, and they are not easy to get. Are the Kardashians above the law? And who sold them a baby chimp? I don't know of any reputable place who'd sell a pet chimp to people who are so ignorant of the species they pretend to love that they don't even know the name of the species. Did the Kardashians acquire a chimp from illegal wildlife trade?

  • menotyou

    Well,seeing what she likes to date,she probably thought she was getting a new boyfriend.