Pattinson vs. Stewart Box Office Battle Over Before it Starts

Pattinson vs. Stewart Box Office Battle Over Before it Starts-photo

Looks like the much-anticipated Box Office showdown between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has been called off.

According to a source close to Pattinson's Little Ashes, the movie's release has been pushed from March 27 to May 8. The March date was significant as it marked the opening of Stewart's movie Adventureland. 

The new May release means the two stars—who famously played lovers in Twilight—will no longer go head-to-head on their respective opening weekend. 

"It was going to be fun, the little competition with the two films," says the Ashes source. "But this gives everyone time to really give Ashes the attention it needs."

The timing issue came with the success of Departures, an Oscar-nominated film being released by Regent Releasing, the same company handling Little Ashes.

"They want to give Departures the attention and budget it deserves," says the source. "And then move onto Ashes."

Pattinson plays the artist Salvador Dali in Ashes.

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  • LAG

    Kristen definetly can't act. I even remember a Twilight fan saying that Bella was supposed to be a tomboy and not a zombie.

  • RomanticFool

    I think she can act well usually. I think she was and is head over heals for Robert and it effected her acting plus she wanted him to be the star as she really cares for him. Robert is a devout Catholic and has been on camera saying he is a-sexual and saving himself for the right woman. I wish the Twilight people would let them come out with their real life romance, denounce the boyfriend story (a cover for helping Robert look single for big box office results) and clean up her image from the tough, nervous, pot head to a refined young lady. I also hope that Robert does not think physical attraction is enough to make a long term relationship on. I hope I am wrong but she has trouble written all over her. She is either insecure and sick of fans or conceited and enjoying the prize of Robert's affection. Either way, she does not come off like a sweet nice young woman but as a real nasty piece of work in interviews. Her cursing and inappropriate remarks makes her seem rough and immature and not right for sweet Robert. Too bad, as they could be the next Newman and Woodward but seem destined to be Taylor/Burton instead.

  • Nica

    kris is so cute. and is good actress. you just think surface.

  • Erika

    There are three movies of Pattz: "How To Be", "The Summer House", and "Little Ashes"...all within a (now) 2 month period! I cannot wait!

  • leaaa

    Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress!!!! Bella has so many emotions in the book, and she had barely any!

  • analizc

    she is not a bad actress!! and velany you dont have to see kristen's movies, but her acting is so GOOD!! and in twilight her acting was just PERFECT! i love both of them! i can't wait to see them on the big screen again.

  • justy22

    its not that shes a bad actor, its the movie i think it tanked it could of been alot better directed it could of had more subtance i think, i hope this new director is much better than the last one, yes i also think kristen stewart could be a little bit more out going when shes doing interviews.

  • letterstotwilight

    boo. i don't wanna wait that long to see rob on the big screen again

  • velany

    i will never see another kristen stewart movie again. her acting was so bad in twilight and she acts like such a bitch in every interview she's in. it's a good thing rob is the star or the the twilight series wouldn't go anywhere.