'Twilight' Stars Do Sin City Birthdays

'Twilight' Stars Do Sin City Birthdays-photo

Naturally, Young Hollywood vampires would love a romp in  Las Vegas.

The coveted stars of Twilight have hit Sin City for two consecutive weeks to celebrate birthdays, Celebuzz has learned.

Taylor Lautner
showed to Criss Angel's Believe at The Luxor Hotel on February 12, where the increasingly beefy New Moon actor celebrated his 17th birthday with a group of four.

Just a few days following, his costars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene hit a decidedly more adult show for Ashley's 22nd birthday.

The big screen vamps, joined by Hairspray actress Brittany Snow, took in Cirque de Soleil's Zumanity, a sexed-up version of the artful circus hit.

Kellan and Snow, looking awfully cozy in the photo above, shared drinks and a fruit plate, Lutz opting for a straight up vodka cocktail while Snow downed the show's signature "Horny Margherita."

Birthday or not, sounds like a happy night for eveyone.



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  • Ana

    OMG!!! taylor i love ur new body i think it's super hot and u are cute and kinda hot. hey um HAPPY LATE B-DAY! sorry it's so late and i am turing 14 ahh your 3 years older than me!! PAECE!

  • analizc

    i love taylor lautner! he is so cute cute and of course he is so hot!!!

  • Carly

    i am happy for Kellan and Brittany i love both of them and i think brittany is way better for kellan than Anna Lynne McCord!!

  • ashnicholle

    Haha thats cool.. My name is Ashley and I just turned 22 also, on the 19th. =)... Ugh, still a year to go till I dont have to feel so guilty for ogling, Taylor and having not so appropriate thoughts. =P... Is this article trying to say that Kellan and Brittany were getting fresh with one another... cause isnt Kellan dating that chick AnnaLynne McCord from 90210...?! :-/

  • megan

    i was just in vegas the same day omg

  • Christina

    Taylor Lautner just turned 17, not 16