Victoria Beckham Pantsed By Saks Fifth Avenue?

Victoria Beckham’s denim line, dVb, will reportedly no longer be carried by major department store Saks Fifth Avenue.

Page Six reports that Beckham’s line has been dropped due to her decision to release her more upscale designer dress collection (which she unveiled at Fashion Week) through competing store Bergdorf Goodman.

It hasn’t been a denim paradise for Posh, 34.

Her dVb collection has been dropped from stores such as Kitson and Henri Bendel due to low sales.

“Saks dropped Victoria Beckham’s line and will not reorder more. They were offended when she sold her dress line to Bergdorf’s and not to Saks, even though Saks launched her denim line in their New York store. Bergdorf never carried her jeans, but they got her designer line anyway,” a source says.

There was also the issue of price combined with slim Vic’s status as a neophyte designer.

“Nobody wanted to buy $300 jeans from someone who is not a trained designer,” the source hissed. Ouch.

Beckham’s rep sorta/kinda confirmed the story but tried to give her jeans hope for the future.

“At this time there is no Victoria Beckham product stocked at Saks, but we continue to work closely with several leading stores and many independent US fashion retailers,” the rep said in a statement.

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