VIDEO: Hugh Jackman Oscar Rehearsals

Hugh Jackman apparently isn’t content to give the public the same old song and dance when he hosts the 81st annual Academy Awards this Sunday.

A video of the 40-year-old Aussie hunk prepping for an Oscars musical number has hit the Web and shows Jackman looking a) quite dreamy and b) a wee bit nervous about the responsibility before him. (According to reports, Jackman will perform a big musical number with Beyonce Knowles, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens during the telecast.)

“There will never be so many people watching what I do at one time, ever,” the musical-theater veteran says. “I’ve fallen on my ass before, but if I fall on my ass on this one, everyone’s going o remind me about it for the rest of my life.”

Jackman seems equally nervous about the non-musical portion of his hosting duties. “I could be the guy who’s up there going, ‘Oprah, Uma; Uma; Oprah,'” a reference to David Letterman’s disastrous 1995 Oscars-hosting bid.

Check out the video below and have your say in the comments section: Is Hugh Jackman ready to host the Oscars?


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