Filming Shia’s New Video

Shia LaBeouf’s debut as a video director was more than a chance to spread his wings creatively as well as hang out with longtime friends—it was also one last chance for the Transformers star to drive.

The star took full advantage of the January 10-15 trip with the band Rumspringa through parts of Colorado and New Mexico. Two days later Shia began serving a suspension on his license which will last for a minimum of a year.

“Shia was getting his driving out of the way, because it was going to be days after his return that he was going to lose his license,” says Rumspringa drummer and childhood pal Itaru de la Vega, 22. “So he wanted to get as much driving done as possible. He really took advantage.”

In fact, the long journey was something the they had been discussing for a while, but the looming license loss and scheduling finally made it happen. “We’ve talked about it forever, but he’s been so busy doing movies,” says de la Vega. “He needed some time off from work to allow it.”

When this trip window appeared, Shia jumped on it and had an RV rented in no time. “And we just took off,” de la Vega says. The nostalgic 16 mm film footage shot with Shia, Itaru and Rumspringa guitarist Joey Stevens morphed into the video for the song “Minds Awake.” 

The trip was the “perfect blend” of “tranquility, random conversations and us laughing hysterically for long periods of time,”  Itaru reveals. And also a lot of Shia freestyle rapping. “He’d rap for like miles at a time, causing us to miss our stops sometimes,” says de la Vega. “It was so entertaining. He’s done that since high school and he’s surprisingly really talented at it.”

Also hinted at in the video was a stop at the legendary Terror Motel in New Mexico, where the group found horror masks.

One thing we don’t see is the famous director, other than a brief shot of his shoes. “He didn’t want the Shia LaBeouf show,” says de la Vega. “He wanted to make sure it was concentrating on us.”

Check out the results for yourself in the video below:

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