Javier Bardem: An Oscars No-Show for Penelope?

Javier Bardem: An Oscars No-Show for Penelope?-photo

Javier Bardem sure is a chivalrous fellow. Or perhaps a foolish one.

OK! Magazine reports that the 39-year-old Spanish actor may skip out on tomorrow's Oscars ceremony to spare his girlfriend, Penelope Cruz, a potentially embarrassing moment.

How so?

It's an Academy Awards tradition for the winner of the previous year's Best Supporting Actor statuette to present the award to the new Best Supporting Actress winner. Problem is, Bardem won Best Supporting Actor last year for his work in No Country for Old Men, while Cruz is up for Best Supporting Actress tomorrow for the Woody Allen romp Vicky Cristina Barcelona (in which Bardem co-starred).

And given that Bardem and Cruz are intensely private about their relationship, and he apparently fears that he might get a little too congratulatory if she wins.

"I got an e-mail from a source that said Javier is not going to show because he doesn't want to acknowledge his relationship with Penelope," E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic tells the magazine. "They're a couple that likes to stay under the radar and so meeting on the Oscars stage would blow their cover. Would Javier kiss Penelope if she won? Would they hug? Would they shake hands? He's worried it could be an awkward scene."

That's quite the dilemma. Whatever will Javier do?

Maybe he should take his cue from his No Country for Old Men character, Anton Chigurh, and determine his actions with a coin toss.

Tell us in the comments section: What do you think Javier should do about his Oscars-night conundrum?



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  • donna

    I'm spanish and actually I do think Penelope might win the Oscar. The press keep saying she is the favorite for this prize. Besides, if she doesn't win, I find it very mature that he does not want that special moment to be awkward for Penelope.

  • janis

    2 things 1. Senor Bardem could go because he is tied up working on his current movie 2. the productor of this year Academy Awards Program are not continuing the tradition of have last years supporting winner present thre award to this years for both actor to actress and actress to actor. I have no clue why. Maybe they want to keep their list of presenter a secret. I've just seen the independent spirit awards which were very entertaining. I think the Oscars are going to be bad.

  • Whitney

    Honestly, I don't expect Penelope to win, so I don't see the problem...I think it's more awkward that he/she/they both are being that assuming.