Madonna Gets Leia-ed

Madonna Gets Leia-ed-photo

Hey, Madonna, you have really nice buns!

No, no; the ones on the sides of your head.

The 50-year-old Hard Candy warbler was spotted leaving the Los Angeles offices of fashion giant Christian Audigier yesterday, after attending a private fashion show. (And chances are, from all existing evidence, Audigier's private fashion shows probably get a little wild.)

Dare it be said, there was something eerily familiar about the hairstyle Madge was sporting.

In fact, she seemed to be channeling Princess Leia, the character made famous by Carrie Fisher in the Star Wars sci-fi saga.

Hmm; wonder if she insists on calling her current boy-toy, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, Luke Skywalker behind closed doors and makes him swing his light saber around for her?

Nah; he seems more like a Han Solo type.



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  • your face
    your face

    first if all they werent doing no private fashion show. see i really hate these sites you give fake information and think your accurate. no! youre not. and nothing wild happend. i guess when the time come you will find out why she was there.