Oscars Rewind: The Best of 2008 Red Carpet

Yes, it’s nice that the Oscars honor the finest cinematic accomplishments every year.

But just as important for style-minded viewers are the questions: What will the stars be wearing on the red carpet? And will they wear it well?

In preparation for tomorrow’s Academy Awards ceremony, Celebuzz presents the fashion champions from last year’s ceremony. Heidi Klum? Katherine Heigl? Miley Cyrus? Jessica Alba? Take a bow, ladies; you’ve made our list, along with other sartorial super-stars.

Click through our gallery of red-carpet highlights from the 2008 Oscars. And if you disagree with any of our choices, don’t be shy about letting us know in the comments section. (And make sure to use our photo-zoom feature to hunt for missed flaws.)

Check back tomorrow, when we’ll present our gallery of fashion faux pas from last year’s Oscars.