Ben Stiller Channels Joaquin Phoenix

If there were an Academy Award for presenting, Ben Stiller would have carried it home with his instant-viral imitation of Joaquin Phoenix’s disastrous talk-show appearance.

An unrecognizable Stiller immediately brought the house down when he appeared on stage sporting Phoenix’s now-famous ZZ Top beard. His parody of the disastrous Late Show insta-classic interview was spot on.




At Stiller’s side, Natalie Portman did her best to discuss cinematography with a straight face.

“You’re chewing gum at the Oscars,” she scolded Stiller, who placed the gum on the podium (on Late Night, Phoenix placed his gum under Letterman’s desk)

Like Phoenix, Stiller stared into space when he was meant to speaking and even wandered about the stage as the clips ran.

Compare the Academy imposter with the real space cadet