Honeymoon’s Over for Salma Hayek

Looks like the Honeymoon is over for Salma Hayek. Rather, it never started.

Hayek’s 30 Rock costar Alec Baldwin was overheard discussing his on-screen love interest’s recent Paris nuptials to Francois-Henri Pinault, where he revealed the couple never enjoyed a post-marital rest.

“She flew right from Paris to shoot with us,” Baldwin said according to a source.

The actor loosened his lips at the Film Independent Spirt Awards on Saturday, spinning through the official Presenters Lounge.

“We’ve got three left then [this season] is done,” Baldwin added.

Hayek plays a sexy live-in nurse on the comedy, where she and Baldwin have been smooching alongside Tina Fey for several episodes.

Hayek and Pinault, billionaire chair of a major holdings frim that owns the likes of Gucci and Stella McCartney, eloped in a Parisian City Hall on Valentine’s Day weekend.

The couple’s first child Valentina will turn two in September.

While Baldwin may have blabbed, he still scored Spirit swag in a selfless way. Baldiwn recruited the help of a tall, thin young lady in the lounge to help find the perfect size Blue Notch denim for his dauhter Ireland.