Kate Winslet’s Kids: ‘Be Crazy and Emotional!’

Kate Winslet is done taking advice from mates and media, she’s turning to her kids for acceptance speech advice.

During a red carpet stop to E!’s Ryan Seacrest at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, Winslet revealed that she asked both her son and her daughter for tips if she winds up taking Best Actress.

“I think you should be really crazy and emotional!” Winlset quoted her 9-year-old Mia.

“I think you should say, ‘Thank you to everyone for helping ,'” was the sentiment from 6-year-old Joe.

While Winslet has oft been nominated and never won one of the little gold men, she’s still processing her gracing last week’s cover of Time Magazine.

“What am I doing on Time magazine It’s such an abstract, extraordinary thing.”

So is her Atelier YSL two-tone gown. Zoom it!