Pattinson Cleans Up Nicely, Predicts Disaster

Pattinson Cleans Up Nicely, Predicts Disaster-photo

Edward Cullen is back.

Robert Pattinson was a clean cut version of his recent self on the Oscar red carpet with a Cullen-esque haircut and only the smallest traces of facial hair.

The Twilight star has been seen about Los Angeles over the past week with alarmingly increasing levels of facial hair as the Oscars approached. But it was long gone as he hit the carpet.

Pattinson predicted a disaster during his brief Oscar presenting role. "I did a rehearsal and messed up catastrophically so I'm probably going to do it again," he told E!'s Ryan Seacrest. "I'm going to be the big let down for the show."

Pattinson said he was surprised to even be asked for the Oscar job. "I thought it was a joke. I seem to be here now. I guess it's no longer a joke."

"I still cannot get over it. I was laughing the whole time in the car coming here. It's completely ridiculous."



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  • jurys

    i haven't thoroughly watch his presentation in Oscar's but I heard that he's so bashful! ugh! cuuuuuuuuuuttttttte!

  • Gemma

    He's just so yummy!

  • analizc

    he did an awesome job! i love him and he looks so hot!!

  • bluewolf2788

    I think he did fine. A little nervous and look like he was ready to run, but he did fine.

  • evangeline

    hey and who was his date?:)

  • Sia

    oh Rob he's so handsome ! I'm so happy he's taking care of himself !!! TEAM ROB AND TWILIGHT FOR THE NIGHT ! The Oscars were boring but TWILIGHT AND ROB WAS WORTH THE WAIT !

  • stelange

    he did a great job, accent and all, of course his famous locks.. and oh he had this brooding look at the camera, simply perfect.. he is ready... way to go rob!

  • tinkerbell14

    he looked completely dazzling on stage. he was a bit nervous but i think he did a great job.

  • bawwow

    WHO DID ROB PRESENT THE AWARD WITH????? WHAT WAS THE CATERGORY???? amanda seyfried -- she was in mean girls! lucky biatch!

  • naya

    He was extremely nervous, i believe. It just looked like he wanted to get away from there as quickly as possible lol But he did just fine.

  • JESS

    I think he was trying to make love to the camera with his eyes HAY WHO DID ROB PRESENT THE AWARD WITH????? WHAT WAS THE CATERGORY????

  • beez

    I think he was trying to make love to the camera with his eyes

  • bawwow


  • anabella

    He looked completely uncomfortable there... but still SO HOT!!!!

  • bellacullen26

    He is so hot in a tux. If they do Breaking Dawn as a movie, I will literally like melt in my seat during the wedding scene!

  • sbaran

    He seemed so shy and out of place!

  • ellabella

    omg! omg! he looked sooooo cute on stage.