Slumdog’s Dev and Freida: “No, No, No” To Dating Questions

The stars of the critically acclaimed sleeper hit Slumdog Millionaire, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, were greeted on the Oscars red carpet this evening by the most important question about their movie.

Are they dating in real life?

The stars’ palpable chemistry on the silver screen has led to rumors that it flowed off-screen as well.

Freida’s ex-fiance Rohan Antao seems to think so. He blames the movie for ending his engagement to the beautiful starlet.

The answer?

“No, no, no!” Patel told E!

You would think the gorgeous Pinto has cooties or something. Pinto must have felt that way about his answer, too.

“Like I said, the little boy in the film – he’s a kid…,” she explained. Guess she likes them older?

This is despite their co-star Anil Kapoor claiming differently.

When prodded by Ryan Seacrest, and in front of Dev and Freida, Anil stopped short of calling them a couple but did accuse them of having “chemistry” before the three gave a shout-out to India for the cameras.

Freida also denied that she’s been pursued by any other male celebrities, cheekily telling Seacrest that she had been “waiting for you to call me up.” Seacrest responded by asking her what time the show ended.

Slumdog is nominated for ten awards tonight, including Best Picture and Best Director.