Robert Pattinson Bids Adieu to L.A.

Farewell,  Robert Pattinson, we hardly knew ye.

It seems like just yesterday—actually it was a few days ago—that you touched down in Los Angeles in preparation for your Oscars presentation gig.

When your plane touched down at the airport, you landed right in your hearts.

We reveled in your scruffy charm. Tracked your movements from watering hole to watering hole. And finally, we watched your delightful, if somewhat nervous, Oscars appearance.

And somewhere in that time, we entertained the thought that maybe—just maybe—you’d like it here enough to never leave. Even though we knew that your heart lies elsewhere.

But no; today we spotted you hurrying through Los Angeles International Airport, en route to a departing flight. 

Oh well; it was nice while it lasted. At least you gave us one last hurrah at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party at Sunset Towers last night.

*Sniff* Promise you’ll write?