Rubiana Ali: Oscars’ New Star, the Queen of Cute

If there was one true break-out star from last night’s Oscar festivities, it might well be supremely adorable Rubiana Ali.

This was her night!

After flying with her family from India for the Academy Awards, the nine-year-old star of the wildly successful Slumdog Millionaire stole the hearts of everyone she came across. And these pictures prove she was the belle of the post-Oscar Governor’s Ball.

“She’s a pumpkin, that’s for sure. She was spending time with everyone,” says a fellow party-goer.

Rubiana mugged with the Oscar. She posed with Slumdog director Danny Boyle. And it didn’t end there. The whole entourage headed over to the Sunset Tower for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The girl gives one look, and the red velvet ropes of the hottest party of the year just drop. Bedtime be damned!!

Our entourage member would not say what time Rubiana actually made it to bed: “Everyone was in high spirits, she’s a kid and she has tons of energy.”

Besides, this was a memorable night. “It’s not so often that you’re nine years old and part of an Oscar Best Picture,” says our Rubiana mole. “It was a big night for her.”

Check out the adorableness that is Rubiana in the gallery below.