AnnaLynne McCord: Fired Up for Adult Swag

Boy it sure looks like AnnaLynne McCord is excited to be getting this package from the We-Vibe Style Lounge this weekend.

Hair product? A new PDA? Wait, upon closer inspection…well, it’s a vibrator. Sometimes you wish you didn’t have the ZoomIn technology. 

Bruce Murison, the co-inventor of said We-Vibe says he recalls New Moon dropout McCord visiting his stall.

“I wish we had it on video so you could have seen them jumping up and down…and exclaiming ‘I want one!’ ” he tells Celebuzz. Yup, the pictures certainly illustrate that story. The reaction, he insists, is “typical.”

Bruce’s wife and co-inventor Melody was on hand for the explanation to McCord and company on how the reportedly revolutionary, um, item works. We’ll leave that part for the instruction manual. But you might not be surprised to know that Melody had a big hand in the design, which took several years and was done from their home in a small Canadian town. And that it was done in secret so that they wouldn’t get dirty looks from the neighbors. Not even making that part up.

How about that for a stimulus plan?