Katie Holmes Bundles Up

Katie Holmes was photographed in the Chelsea section of NYC, braving the chill with a long winter coat and some thick mittens.

The wan-looking actress is currently working on an NYC-based film called The Extra Man with John C. Reilly, Kevin Kline and There Will Be Blood actor Paul Dano.

Neither Katie Holmes or husband Tom Cruise appeared to have taken part in anything directly Oscar-related this past weekend, although Cruise did make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s postshow.

He also appeared in a memorable commercial during the Oscars for his appearance with Kimmel. Check it out above.

It featured Kimmel saving him from a burning building so he would be on his show, and Cruise convincing Jimmy to go back in for a non-existent cat. Creepy!

As for Katie, there might be another reason she wasn’t in LA during Oscar madness.

The Daily Mail reports that a new diet might have left her exhausted.

The Purification Rundown (a diet endorsed by Tom and Katie’s religion of Scientology) is a detox regimen that seems to have sapped Holmes’ strength.

“Katie has spent the past ten days resting. She missed the Armani party in New York recently because she was so tired,” a source says.