Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana: Wheel Good Buds

Nothing expedites the process of male bonding faster than shopping for a rumbling steel beast to wrap your legs around with another guy.

Pirates of the Caribbean hunk Orlando Bloom and Munich actor Eric Bana hit up the Deus Ex Machina Motorcycles shop in Sydney, Australia, yesterday to shop for custom-built motorcycles.

Maybe Bloom was inspired by his rocker role in Sympathy for Delicious to pick up some boss new wheels?

Whatever the reason for the shopping spree, Bloom and Bana definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves, and each other’s company, as they browsed for their tricked-out new motorcycles.

Bloom should be careful not to order too many bells and whistles for his bike, though. After all, he already has the ultimate motorcycle accessory in the form of his model girlfriend Miranda Kerr, and there is such a thing as overkill.