Robert Pattinson Relieves Tokyo of Its ‘Twilight’ Deprivation

A cheerful-looking Robert Pattinson flew directly from the Oscars hoopla in Los Angeles to Narita International Airport in Japan to promote his breakout film Twilight there—the film is finally getting its premiere on February 27.

The Oscar presenter was met by legions of screaming fans, consisting mainly of lovestruck Japanese schoolgirls toting Twilight memorabilia. Pattinson stopped to sign some of it for fans.

Although it seems like Twilight has come and gone here in this country and focus is on the sequel New Moon, set to begin filming in Vancouver shortly, Japan will experience the teenage vampire love story for the first time on Friday.

Oscar host Hugh Jackman was reportedly on the same flight as Pattinson but he seemed to have fewer fans to meet him, according to Splash News.