Sienna Miller's Lucky Fashion Number - Twenty8Twelve

Sienna Miller's Lucky Fashion Number - Twenty8Twelve-photo

Sienna Miller, 26, skipped the Oscars to show off the newest iteration of her fashion line - Twenty8Twelve - at London Fashion Week.

In front of an audience that included humble style icon Kanye West and beloved British designer Matthew Williamson, Sienna and sister Savannah unleashed their new collection which included biker-influenced leather jackets, skin-tight, body-conscious dresses in peek-a-boo stretch and crystal-embellished cashmere knits according to the Telegraph.

"But put them together and it says London cool,” said Sienna, right before the show. “These clothes are funky, and there’s something for anyone.”

The collection is named for party girl Sienna's birthday. The sisters Miller launched it two years ago.

“Sales have been very good, particularly in England and America, and we felt it was the right time to do a show,” Sienna said. “I'm not giving up acting, I love acting. But I also love working with my sister. We’ve always been two sisters playing dress-up, ever since we were kids and we’re still doing it.”

Miller's upcoming films include Hippy Hippy Shake and the cinematic version of G.I. Joe.

In Joe, she plays the evil, leather jumpsuit-wearing Baroness, who probably won't be sporting any clothes from this collection.



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  • frejamacarons

    giflriend, you think you have any chance at making some success from your clothing line? Not everyone wants to dress likea tasteless tranny. except for audrina page and lauren conrad.