The Jonas Brothers Want to Watch Their Movie With You

The Jonas Brothers’ new movie, Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience, hits theaters this weekend, and the screaming Jonas fan in your family might just be able to meet the boys at a screening.

The recently re-waxed boys held a press conference last night to announce their Surprise Theater Invasion campaign, in which they will be visiting movie houses around the country this weekend to watch the film with fans. 

Nick, Joe, and Kevin (who recently admitted that yes, they date and have breakups with girls) held a press conference at Million Air in Burbank to explain how they’re going to “pop in” on theaters, reports Entertainment Tonight. They even have planes at the ready!

“We can’t give too many details as to what cities or how many cities we’ll be going to,” Nick told reporters. “What we can tell you is it will be a coast-to-coast tour and it’s really all about our fans, and being able to experience this with them.”

The film features a concert by the JoBros from their tour last summer, complete with appearances by opening act Demi Lovato and Joe’s ex Taylor Swift, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Nick says the film—which employs 3-D technology—will make fans part of their family.

“This is a concert experience not only because you’re watching a show, but because you’re a part of it,” he said. “You’re a part of our family in the movie and we want to be there with them when they see it.”