Congratulations to the Winners of our Oscar Blog Contest!

Congratulations to the winners of the Academy Awards Blog contest! We were thrilled to receive such great coverage from everyone. The decision was a tough one, but we picked the three who we felt grabbed our attention and provided dynamo blogs about the biggest Hollywood event of the year!

So without further ado here are the winners!

Drum roll please…

And the grand prize winner of a flat screen TV goes to Celebuzz member icantbelievetheydidthat, who took some time out from her own celebrity blog to give us well-rounded and entertaining coverage. Congrats!

A congratulations are also in order to Celebuzz members vnasty and ladygoogle, our two runner-ups who will receive some Oscar swag provided by The Silver Spoon, including product from Mavi Jeans, Cloth Logic, Freshology, Nioxin, Dimri and Zihr.

Check out what the winners had to say about the 2009 Academy Awards:

From our grand prize winner, icantbelievetheydidthat -

Fashion Favorites & Disasters: “Favorite: Sarah “Best Dress” Parker in Dior Coutour. Disaster: Jessica “Toga” Biel…can we stop with the abstract designed shaped dresses that look a little too easy to make? Her Prada dress wore her!”

Sizzling Oscar Afterparties: “I JUST got back from the Vanity Fair, Elton John, and Prince after-parties…IN MY DREAMS!!”

A Roundup of Oscar Viewership: “This year also saw an increase in male viewership, normally a tough demographic to attract. I think we can thank the Dark Knight for that, with everyone having a boyfriend or someone they knew dressing as the Joker this past Halloween.”

Runner-up vnasty chimed in -

Post-Oscar feelings: “So, the morning after the big night, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel. Sure, last night I had a great time, but was I seeing through rose-colored champagne glasses? Or was Oscar as tender, confident, and romantic as I felt?

Thoughts on the Best Actor Award: “Sean Penn, you don’t make it hard for this girl to admire your work. Ow-Ow! Here’s to Sean Penn for a history of great erformances, daring social stances, humanitarian work, delivering ass-kickins to those who deserve them, and for taking home your second Oscar!”

Runner-up ladygoogle let us have it -

Stars she was excited to see: “1. Hugh, our beloved host, because he promises to be drunk and nude by the end of the night. 2. Kate Winslet, because I’d like to get her recipe for Shepherd’s Pie…”

Fashion predictions: “Kate: Navy, if she’s smart. Angelina: Eggplant, she hasn’t done that lately. Anne: Black, always trying to look more slim…”

Thanks to all of you who participated and congratulations again to our winners!

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