Harry Potter vs. Iron Man: The Battle Begins in 2011

It’s on! Harry Potter will go head-to-head with Iron Man on July 15, 2001, when the final installment of the wizard saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and Marvel heroes epic The Avengers hit theaters on the same day.

E! reports that Warner Bros. confirmed the Harry Potter release date today, and the scheduling just might have ben a deliberate attempt to do battle.

“It’s funny because there are only a half-dozen films in 2011 [with release dates],” box-office analyst Jeff Bock says, “and they picked that one.”

The Potter film, starring Daniel Radcliffe, previously only had a general Summer 2011 timeframe for its release.

“Warner Bros. didn’t blink when they saw [The Avengers] release date and title, and it’s up to Paramount to make the next move,” Bock says. He surmises that the date for Avengers might even be changed.

Harry faces Voldemort for the final time in Hallows, and Iron Man will reportedly lead a superheroic team consisting of Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America against evil in The Avengers.

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