Inside the Jen and Angelina Showdown: The Drama Talk Continues

In the end, they were only some 15 seats apart. So close that even Oprah Winfrey gasped at the proximity.

The long-awaited meeting of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a topic that’s still buzzing well beyond Hollywood.

In its most recent issue, Us Magazine relates a complicated timetable showing how far they tried to maintain distance:

  • 4:40 Pitt and Jolie arrive on the red carpet, Aniston sneaks in a side door.
  • 5:29 Pitt takes his seat, while Aniston wakes backstage.
  • 7:35 PItt and Jolie walk to the lobby. Aniston remains seated.
  • 9:08 Jolie and Pitt are among the last to leave the theater. Aniston and Mayer slip out later.

Meanwhile OK! agrees that Aniston’s team prevented “any awkward, direct contact with Brad and Angelina.”

The magazine looks deeply into the Jennifer Aniston smile from the Oscar podium, saying it was directed at Pitt and shows “she still loves Brad.” And Brad’s smile? “(It was) as if he were pleased she was on stage, so he could have a legitimate reason to look at her.”

People magazine ignored the meeting completely.

Have your say in the comments section: Is the media making too much out of Aniston and Jolie’s supposed hard feelings, or is the drama all too real?