Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are ‘Very Happy’

Oprah Winfrey’s best friend Gayle King interviewed Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer together backstage at Sunday’s Oscars and the couple confirmed that everything’s peachy keen in their relationship. Check out the video!

Aniston also jokingly referred to their age difference.

When King (who hails from Connecticut like Mayer) mentioned that Mayer, 31, once told her that he grew up watching her on television, Aniston had a similar story.

“He said that to me too,” Aniston, 40, kidded. We hope.

Gayle asked the reunited couple if it was ok to say that it was good to see them out publicly.

“Sure, yeah!” Aniston said.

“This is the first time I’ve ever walked a red carpet with someone,” Mayer noted.

And are they happy?

“Very happy,” Aniston said, seemingly very sincere.

Good for them! Good for Aniston! It can’t have been easy facing Jolie’s hungry dragon smile while presenting, so it’s nice that she had someone in her corner.