Kevin Federline Hops On the Kids’ Clothing-Line Train

Add Kevin Federline to the list of celebrities to throw their hats into the kids’ clothing line ring.

Britney Spears’ ex says that he’s looking to help parents out in the declining economy by selling them affordable clothes for their children.

“It’s a really tough business, I’m trying to take it seriously and make a quality product for kids but not have parents pay like $500 or something ridiculous for a pair of jeans,” he told WWD.

“You buy your kids a pair of True Religions, then they roll around in the dirt like kids do and a $200 pair of jeans is gone,” he noted. “With this economy, I’m looking to do something much more reasonable.”

Federline made this declaration of intent while visiting a fashion trade show in Las Vegas, where he was conducting “research.”

One one hand, it’s depressing that even K-Fed will be able to use what little celebrity he has to profit off a most-likely-dismal clothing line.

On the other hand, hey—at least he’s trying to make some money of his own and not bumming around.

Maybe he could even make his girlfriend something to wear. something to wear!