Lily Allen Is In a Beer-y Mood

Lily Allen is a playful sort of lass (click here if you doubt us). The “Smile” singer showed off that whimsical side of herself with some pics taken recently in her Japanese hotel room while on tour promoting her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You. Clearly proud of the photos, the songbird posted the pics on her Twitter page for all to see.

Allen dressed herself as a frosty mug of beer to the amusement of her pals, who joined in the fun.

Other costumes included ducks, panda bears and ostriches. One of these costumes is doing its own thing.

Several questions arise.

This wouldn’t have anything to do with Allen’s support of, err, experimentation, would it?

Were these costumes already part of Lily’s wardrobe, or were they purchased on a lark in the streets of Tokyo?

And is she trying to out-weird Lady GaGa?

Whatever works—just as long as that third nipple is finally covered up.

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