Robert Pattinson’s Weekend Love Report

It seems as though Tokyo is the perfect place to escape after a weekend of love for Robert Pattinson.

The Twilight star proved quite the busy man over the past few days of Academy Awards celebrations.

On the big night, reports say Pattinson was torn between a raven-haired A list actress and a notorious blonde party girl.

E! Online’s Awful Truth reports that Pattinson was charmed by indie princess Natalie Portman at Vanity Fair’s Oscar bash.

“[Portman] seemed really into him, and went right up to say hello once she spotted him,” a source tells Ted Casablanca. The report goes on to say RPattz sipped whiskey and enjoyed her company.

Conversley, UK paper the Daily Mirror says Pattinson was ravaged by Paris Hilton just hours later at power agent Patrick Whitesell’s private party.

The report says Hilton “dragged” sister Nicky around Whitesell’s Hollywood Hills mansion looking for the actor, then zeroed in and led him to a private garden for conversation.

Radar Online echoes the sentiment, saying Pattz and Paris chatted into the wee hours, before Robert escaped to the airport, Japan-bound.

It’s not all bold names in Pattinson’s heart, however. Celebuzz caught him with an anonymous brunette at the Sunset Tower Hotel just days before awards madness, admiring her midriff.