Can You Spot Lady GaGa?

Can You Spot Lady GaGa?-photo

Lady GaGa, 22, continued to further her "no-pants glam" campaign at the famed VIP Room Theatre in Paris last night.

In a leotard straight out of Dune, tailored men's suit jacket thrown over her shoulders, standard giganto-shades and artful-as-usual hair, GaGa looked straight out of fashion's mental ward.

Yesterday it was psycho secretary, and today? Mad Max-ine.

Paris is the latest stop for GaGa on her global tour to promote her best-selling album, The Fame.

Her self-styled Haus of GaGa (a collection of stylists, hair people, and dancers) travels with her and are partially responsible for some of her more outre looks.

The major objective seems to be be a pants-free society.



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    omg it really shouldnt matter if you liked her b4 than you will still like her and if not then fine but if u didnt like her b4 then stop hating just caus you have a stupid reson hate her in ur mind because the people who do like HER dont want to here your crap

  • chatzee

    wow...its none of anybody's business if she is both sex's...if she was...then u kno wat who cares...your just being haters

  • POPATEmyheart

    ha everyones so jealous that they have to make comments about lady gaga SHES NOT a hermaphrodite obviously! even if she was. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. and all the guys are just mad because she has a donkey dick and your left with a chode. get a life . you may have your opinions but hey, i have mine too. look at her.shes unique and an icon. what are you haters? bitches.. yup thats it BITCHES!

  • juju

    Fuk lady gaga is the sh*t honestly she is wat ths world needs and more people should a leaf out of her book, try be yourself and act how you wana act how sad is it whn people cant be who they wana because of what others think, haha fuk who cares, lady gaga is the fukn sh*t!!!

  • chase

    shut up! its none of any of ur buissness if she is a guy or a girl and if you dont like she ur probs fat ugly jelious girlllsss! n anywayyzz if you dont like her music dont listen to it

  • Jt

    Both of you are wrong actually, Lady Gaga revealed in an interview that she is infact a hermaphrodite. However this means she is more female than male due to the female hormones being more dominant that's why she looks,sings and has the body of a girl. Idiots. f*cking get your facts right first.

  • chenique

    i so think that lady gaga is not a dude i mean look at those boobs she is totally a girlll.

  • Lady Gaga's non-existent shame
    Lady Gaga's non-existent shame

    Lady Gaga? Honestly what the he'll is wrong with you? Your music is awful and so are you what a hollow shell of a human being

  • hannah

    i think they shouldn't get credi tor blame as this is all lady gagas style as she dressed like this before she got famous so if anything lady gaga should get the blame.

  • Samantha

    I HIGHLY doubt she's a jackass..i mean she only has tits and a vag and SINGS like a girl

  • maxwellhammer

    It's a dude! I don't care what anyone says, I have pics of her coming untucked. Look at her elbows and hips, they aren't in the right places.