George Clooney’s Celebrity Tenant: David Beckham

UPDATE: According to E! Online, Clooney’s rep denies that he’s renting his villa to Beckham.

“One hundred percent not true,” the actor’s rep says. ”George is filming in America at this time. He is not renting the house to anyone, and that would include David.

Soccer star and Armani model David Beckham is currently luxuriating in actor George Clooney’s villa on Italy’s Lake Como.

Clooney has let Beckham use the villa while Becks is on his three-month loan from the LA Galaxy to Italy’s AC Milan soccer team.

Clooney has been busy in Washington, DC, meeting with President Barack Obama about the problems in Darfur, in his capacity as a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations .

People reports that Beckham and Clooney have been friends since meeting at the Met Ball in New York City, courtesy of Giorgio Armani. Since then, Clooney has reportedly taken Becks under his wing. Which, apparently, includes hooking him up with some sweet digs.

Clooney’s villa must be crazy-comfy because Beckham reportedly doesn’t want to return to Los Angeles.