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  • Um.

    There's certainly a lot of irony in this article, but I really doubt any of it is intentional. I read this a couple of times before posting my last comment trying to figure out if it was tongue-in-cheek, and just became increasingly frustrated with what appears to me to be a totally sincere ignorance.

  • Irony is dead
    Irony is dead

    Are the commentors unaware of what irony is, or just really committed to it? I can't tell.

  • amy

    I second..."who writes this crap". Man, is America this dumb. Any person with a secondary school education should know the kinds of steriods from basic science class.

  • Um.

    Who writes this crap? There are two types of steroids - do you REALLY not know the diference?! Jewel is obviously referring to corticosteroids, which are used to TREAT injuries and illnesses because they reduce swelling and inflammation. They're commonly prescribed by doctors for everything from rashes to tumors. They're completely different from ANABOLIC steroids, which help increase muscle mass and are abused by "athletes" like A-Roid. For the love of Pete... get your damn facts straight!

  • ddavenport

    Bring on the Congressional investigation...