Kate Moss Defeats Polar Bear

Scandalous supermodel Kate Moss, 35, was snapped leaving London’s The Ivy club at 2 AM wearing what appeared to be the outcome of her battle with a polar bear.

Moss was out with good friend (and Jude Law’s ex-wife) Sadie Frost.

Word is that Kate might be with child, and hormones can be homicidal during a pregnancy.

So it isn’t far off that she might have gotten herself a new coat in the Arctic through sheer force of will and her bare hands. And teeth.

Of course, Kate is denying that she’s with model baby and says that she’s merely gained a few pounds.

She’s one of the few models who can go there, and still manage to land multimillion dollar contracts.

Heck, she’s one of the few models who can throw herself a beer bust while on a shoot, be pissy to everyone, and still leave with a huge check.

Considering those who have to work with Kate, well, the bear might have gotten off lucky.