Sam Lutfi: Terror by Text Message?

If you want to know what’s really going on in a woman’s life, ask her hair dresser. Especially if it’s Britney Spears’ hair dresser.

The Associated Press reports that Roberta Romero, the woman responsible for Spears’ coif for more than a year, testified in court yesterday that Spears’ former “manager,” Osama “Sam” Lutfi, scared Spears with a series of text messages.

Romero’s testimony came during a hearing regarding restraining orders against Lutfi, Britney’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, and attorney Jon Eardley should be extended. During the hearing on Wednesday, a judge once again extended the temporary orders, which were extended for two days on Monday so that evidence could be reviewed. More testimony will be heard on April 1.

Romero told the court that Spears told her that she had become frightened after Lutfi sent text messages to her in late December. In one of the messages, Lutfi allegedly told the Circus singer that he was making plans to “free” her, presumably from the legal conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears. The elder Spears has referred to Lutfi as a “predator.”

The hair dresser testified that Spears told Lutfi to leave her alone, and that the two of them told Spears’ security team about the messages.

Romero said that she only spoke to Lutfi once, and that he hadn’t come across as threatening during their conversation. However, she added that Spears warned her about speaking to him further.

“She told me she’s scared of him and not to talk to him,” Romero told the court.

Lutfi should be careful about invoking the wrath of hairdressers. After all, they have a lot of sharp objects at their disposal.