Will the Real Kelly Clarkson Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Kelly Clarkson Please Stand Up?-photo

On the left: Kelly Clarkson arriving at the Radio One studios in London to perform on Jo Whiley's "Live Lounge" program.

On the right: Clarkson as she appears on the cover of her wicked-hot new single, "My Life Would Suck Without You."

Apparently, her life would suck even worse without Photoshop. And a team of skilled airbrush artists most likely recruited from NASA.



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  • mandy

    to me she looks better in that candid pic than in the cover photo!

  • jon

    kids...remember... you cant judge anything by its cover!!!

  • ddavenport

    They photoshopped the blue blazes out of her. But I love her anyway.

  • Dee

    Kelly's voice, which is the most versatile out there, is the sweet, down to earth girl next door. As a fan of hers, I really don't care if she is thin or average, blond or brown haired, make up or not; she is still Kelly with one of the best voices out there. The person and the voice have brought in $20 million for her. By the way, have you seen most other stars without make up? Some are plain to ugly.

  • ncmoya

    she admitted that this photo was extremely photoshopped- she didn't choose for it to be this way. it's supposed to have a different effect. it's not supposed to look realistic

  • Rich

    They all photoshop, but, no big deal. Kelly herself blogged about it saying "They photoshopped the crap out of me, but, whoever she is, she looks hot". So, she makes fun of it herself. No biggy, she's still cute to me, even without photoshop.

  • geefunk

    She also looks awesome in her new music video, but not so much at the American Idol Experience shin-dig. I love her music just the same.