Zac Efron's Dinner Date Is Looking Tasty

Zac Efron's Dinner Date Is Looking Tasty-photo

Friday the 13th actress Danielle Panabaker sent the celebrity-gossip world into a flurry of speculation when she was spotted grabbing a bite to eat with High School Musical heartthrob at Hugos restaurant in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Many wondered, "How could Zac do this? How could he step out for a meal with another gal in paparazzi-land, knowing that his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, would surely see the incriminating photos?"

Perhaps the March 2009 issue of GQ can offer some answers.

The 21-year-old Panabaker graces the issue's pages in a most sexy manner. And gazing upon the photo, it becomes immediately clear that any man would work up a powerful appetite in her presence.

One has to feel for Vanessa, though. First Transformers babe Megan Fox sets her sights on her man, and now...this. Girl better grow some eyes in the back of her head.



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  • zena

    i think it was just friends hanging out i know zac will never do that to vanessa because the two of them were meant for each other

  • kaydian

    i totally agree with you alecia these ***holes don't know that they were just going out to lunch ubt it's no big deal ok these *** holes don't know he meaning of a friendship

  • luke and hope
    luke and hope

    we think you are a big fat stinky pig and i hope danille reads this poo

  • bawwow

    much hotter than vanessa

  • alogicalperson

    Well, Danielle is certainly getting tons of publicity now. Maybe the lunch was to bring some publicity her way and get her in the public eye. Her publicist could have arranged it. Zac Efron's name gets lots of hits on the Internet. Now, her name will, too. For a while.

  • alogicalperson

    You know, no matter how you try to start a trashy rumor, Zac and Vanessa fans know the truth. Vanessa knew Zac was going to lunch with a friend. Why do you guy always try to maker Vanessa out as an insecure jealous bitch? She and Zac trust each other. And why do you try to make it sound like he was "sneaking" around. He wasn't. He drove to a restaurant and met an old friend for lunch. Big deal. They don't live in your tabloid world. So accept that.

  • alicia

    Oh and further ***holes IT WAS LUNCH!

  • Alicia

    Zac had lunch with a friend and then returned to Vanessa's house--I live 2 homes down from her maybe you ***holes better rewatch those Oscar photots


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