GaGa Says 'No, No' to Playboy

GaGa Says 'No, No' to Playboy-photo

Lady GaGa is one perplexing musical diva.

For almost a month now, the 22-year-old singer—born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta—has been on a total campaign of pantlessness.

It's like she's allergic to pants. Or like pants killed her childhood pet or something.

And she hasn't been shy about sharing her pantslessness with the cameras of the  world.

But when Playboy attempts to immortalize her pants-free philosophy in its pages, the "Just Dance" chanteuse just says no.

The Sun reports that GaGa has turned down an offer to pose in Hugh Hefner's venerable skin mag.

"If I was a glamour model, I would be delighted with the offer," GaGa says. "But for me it's all about the music."

Sure, the music. And the fabulously freaky fashions.

But there is hope for GaGa fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol in the buff. "I might change my mind when I have a new album to plug," she offers.

Now that's the mark of professionalism.

Let's just hope that Amy Winehouse doesn't decide to follow in her footsteps.



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  • annie

    oh get over it, look at the picture above. Clearly she isnt hiding anything in that angle. Grow up. More likely she said no because she loves the controversey her saying no creates.

  • gaydar

    The hidden reason (s)he won't appear in Playboy is because it would take too much airbrush skill to take *her* (cough) penis out of the picture!