Kim Kardashian: Inside Her Calendar Shoot

Kim Kardashian as a Bond girl?

Not yet, but Kardashian did strike quite the iconic scuba pose during her 2010 calendar shoot in Cabo San Lucas (behind-the-scenes shots are published on her website.)

Photographer Troy Jensen is pleased by the comparison, but insists he didn’t set out for the Bond tribute. “It was really just that the boat we were on had scuba gear on it,” he tells Celebuzz. “Bond Girls are amazing icons, but we didn’t set out for that.”

The brief shoot was more Survivor than a day at the beach. “I had everyone up at sunrise, 3 a.m. every day. And we’d go again at sunset,” says Jensen. “It was exhausting. But we still had such a great time.”

There were physical perils as well. “I had Kim on the edge of a boat, and in the high waves,” says Jensen. “One time I had her in the water as the waves were crashing. She got clobbered and really scraped her knees. I said, enough of this. I’m not going to kill you on the first day.”

Ironically, Jensen told Kardashian to rest on a hammock nearby and was so struck by the image of the injured, resting Kardashian that he grabbed the camera and took one of his favorite shots of the trip. “She just looked so stunning. It was an accident, but it was amazing.”

Kim’s fame was sometimes an issue as well in Cabo. “We were shooting on one private cove and someone yelled out, ‘I loved you on Dancing With the Stars!'”

“I was like, we’re done here.”

Fortunately there were not many people around during one shoot which had Kim coming out of the water “completely nude and nothing but this sheer white amazing fabric. She looked like Venus coming ou

t of the water.”

Well, Venus with the odd wardrobe malfunction.

“Once in a while something would pop out,” says Jensen. “But fortunately there was no one on the beach.”

“And no you won’t be getting those photos.”