Lindsay and Samantha: Taking The Fight to London

Lindsay Lohan and sparring partner Samantha Ronson arrived in London yesterday for a series of deejaying gigs and yes, they were reportedly fighting as they disembarked from their flight from Los Angeles.

The Daily Mail quotes a source that claims the girlfriends were having an “animated conversation” (a.k.a. a fight) as they made their way through Heathrow Airport.

A cowed-looking Ronson was lugging a giant Louis Vuitton bag and took to her Blackberry to avoid having to face the stressed-out Lohan rage any longer.

Things seemed to calm down as the two met up with London friends and then hit up a local market in Somerfield to buy some snacks and drinks.

The girls were said to have purchased chocolate milk, fizzy drinks and something called Twiglets.

Before you know it, though, the boxing gloves are going to come out again.

Lohan recently expressed dislike for a song Ronson sang to her about their uneven relationship.

Could there be trouble in this rocky paradise ever since Sam found out that Lindsay has begun inviting Lily Allen along on their vacations?

Linds and Lily’s new matching tattoos must have thrilled a consistently miserable-looking Samantha.

So what do you think? Should these two just break up already? Let us know in our poll!