Obama: He Got Next

Obama: He Got Next-photo

Basketball enthusiast, and oh yeah, Leader of the Free World, Barrack Obama took a courtside seat to watch his hometown Chicago Bulls get whipped by his new-hometown Washington Wizards. 

Here's hoping that this Washington-trouncing isn't a sign of things to come for visiting Chicago folks.

Obama sat courtside between a friend from Chicago and a lucky (although somewhat oblivious) youngster. But the President had little reason to cheer as the Wizards ran roughshod over his beloved Bulls. 

The beatdown got so bad, that even the man that brought "Hope" back into the universal lexicon, threw in the towel. Obama left with four minutes remaining and the Bulls trailing by 17 points. At least the Cubs haven't started losing yet.

On Thursday, Obama had welcomed the team to the White House, where the mediocre Bulls presented Obama with his very own jersey. Could this be an effort to circumvent league rules and get some much-needed help at the forward position? 

If Obama can post up the economic crisis, think what he can do with the rock.



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  • rainydayla

    Way to go RichardJone, you are complete and utter moron. Love the fact that basketball has mad it's way into the White House. So tired of hearing about that bowling alley.

  • richardjone2

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  • iheartcelebs

    You guys are right, that kid looks ANNOYING! Obama always has the perfect game face. That is the same facial expression he had when he put Bush on that copter