Orlando & Miranda’s PDA On The Edge

You can’t tell red hot lovers Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr to “get a room.”

They already did, but decided to make out in full view of everyone on their hotel room balcony anyway.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star and his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend are in Sydney, Australia but that doesn’t actually seem to matter to them.

Seeing as they can barely keep their hands off each other (as evidenced by these hot photos), the unengaged couple probably had little time for sight-seeing.

Bloom was so hot for his lady friend that he unbuttoned his shirt and aired out his lanky sexy guy chest at one point, and spent some time admiring what Kerr had to offer up top, so to speak.

Orlando was reportedly leaving for LA after this makeout session, so it was a bittersweet (and physical) farewell.

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