Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman's Karaoke Bromance

Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman's Karaoke Bromance-photo

Seems like Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman struck up an international friendship at this year's Oscars ceremony.

E! Online reports that Pattinson—who presented at this year's Academy Awards—and Jackman—who hosted the whole shindig—shared a late-night karaoke session in Tokyo this week.

Pattinson, of course, has been in the Japanese capital for that country's Twilight premiere, while Jackman was stumping at the premiere of Australia.

This seeming coincidence resulted in a magical evening of music at a Tokyo watering hole, where Jackman and pals were busting out some karaoke.

"Hugh was there celebrating completion of his promo tour for Australia with director Baz Luhrmann and friends," Jackman's rep says. "About 1a.m., the cast of Twilight came in and they all joined in."

No word on what tunes the merry crew belted out, but given Pattinson's post-Twilight financial windfall, "We're In the Money" would seem like an appropriate choice.



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  • hjlcs

    1.800.JACKMAN Mr R Pattinson: Sir, we were thrilled to read that you are taking advantage of Mr HughJ's A-Listed, "Oscar nite-Life Coach pkg DEAL! YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS, SIR. Your musical eve with MrJ & Friends was a beautiful and strategic way to begin. Very well done! We’ve noted you both share some commonalities: ~Fans of Mr J Nicholson ~Great musicians ~Unique dressers ~Notable Affability ~and Extreme Handsomeness that improves over time. As you're well aware, MrH.J specializes in MANY AREAS of Life-Excellence. The Jackman L.C. areas we’d recommend coaching for ’09: 1-Potential “FALSE-Positive Gaydar read” due to your Outstanding & Amazing performance in gay role, “Little Ashes.” *Mr HughJ has dealt with this issue MANY, MANY times due to his Outstanding portrayal (&Tony award) as Bisexual Aussie showman, Peter Allen. HughJ’s the man to ‘steer you SO straight’ through media waves: “…is it true about Hugh…is it true? —Yes it’s TRUE—he is….AUSTRALIAN!” 2-Potential “On set friendship…to OFF set Commitment” *If any interest in this area, Mr J statistically—IS. THE. BEST. (Please read IMDb bio to confirm—i.e costar, love&wife Deb Furness.) 3-Generalize All-around-NICE (not-last) GUY as a son, great friend, husband, father, employee, humanitarian = Mr Hugh J...Excellence Bar none. 4-Humane tips for on SET-Pet care& training: may not apply if ‘Patty’ stays UK. (*Mr HJ specialty: all Aussie dog breeds.) 5-When interested, can cover all the HUMANITARIAN causes Mr H.J is involved with—and is always OPEN to Kind and Generous Volunteers and Donors. Our Best to you always, THANK YOU AGAIN MR PATTINSON FOR GOING WITH—1.800.JACKMAN…!

  • andreab

    I;d have paid good money to see this. I;d love Pattinson and Baz to work together.

  • sbaran

    Hugh Jackman doesn't look flattering in leopard print, I bet RPattz could pull it off.

  • pace

    Someone get those photos out!

  • noah

    Another day, another Robert Pattinson story... you're slowly killing me Celebuzz.... kinda like that mom in The Sixth Sense.

  • barkley11


  • chichilavie

    This is my dream karaoke night!!