Shia LaBeouf: I Love My…Arizona Iced Tea!

While it’s extremely well known that Shia LaBeouf has a long-standing love affair with booze and cigarettes, these days it seems like he’s all about his Arizona Iced Tea!

The increasingly scruffy star is rarely spotted without a can of his go-to beverage, whether he’s sipping the Original or Green Tea flavors—the 22-year-old doesn’t discriminate!

Apparently a creature of habit, LaBeouf often makes the trek to his local liquor store to pick up a can or two, and his daily strolls are surely healthier than some of his other habits.

Wouldn’t it be smart for Shia to take up a part-time job promoting the brand as a spokesmodel, so he at least gets paid for his efforts? We’re just saying!

Take a look at our favorite pictures of the Transformers star getting his liquid fix. Does it make you thirsty for your very own can?